Jessica Leck

I started my fitness journey after my daughter was born in 2009.  I was 32 years old and I was working part time and spending most of my hours at home. I started feeling very anxious and I knew that I needed to find a hobby and get an energy release. I started at the local gym, attending classes and I met friends there.  It kept me coming back and before you know it, I was starting to have curiosity about teaching group fitness. Multiple opportunities, a lot of studying and a couple of certifications led me to being a busy trainer there. I loved my new passion and was excited to get to share it with others! It’s been almost 10 years and I still get excited about what I get to do everyday.


I believe in starting clients where they are. My ideal client is the one who is tired of being unhappy and anxious, like I was. I’m constantly looking for clients who are ready for a sustainable plan, one that is consistent and that builds on small habits. My philosophy is based on Movement, Wellness & Mindset, and I focus on these things with my clients. You can not move forward in one area without the other!  


In the last 9 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from 17-75 years old, men and women. I can modify workouts for any body and I can make it challenging for all levels. I encourage my clients to honor and respect their bodies, while still challenging themselves. I mainly seek clients who are looking for a body positive experience & people who value non-scale victories.  Sure, many of my clients do lose fat and resculpt their bodies by getting stronger, but it isn’t at the forefront of my teaching.  I like to focus on the whole body/mind connection.


I strive everyday to be a trainer who is compassionate, motivating, a good leader and listener.  I keep it lively with my sassy Jessica-isms and occasional dancing or a high kick. If you know, you know.  If you don’t, let’s get you in for a class!

I am currently full with in person 1:1 clients.

I am accepting group training clients.

I offer online group coaching as well. The coaching focus is on movement, wellness and mindset based with an intuitive eating spin. I do not give meal plans. 
Message me to get on the waitlist for the next round starting in late January.


AFAA Group Ex Instructor

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
NETA Certified Personal Trainer

VIPR Certified
AFAA Cycling Instructor
AFAA Pilates Certificate
AFAA Nutrition for Sports and Exercise

Precision Nutrition Certified

Stephanie Kelley

Before coming onboard to Trivergence, Stephanie was a freelance Personal Trainer in addition to being the Lead Trainer for Heatwave Fitness, a boutique fitness club where she restored faith in countless modern working women that—with the right guidance and encouragement—juggling fitness and life could actually be fun.      

Utilizing her MOVE-NOURISH-FLOURISH training philosophy, she’s helped countless busy professionals look good, feel great, better manage stress, and—perhaps most importantly—gain a newfound confidence and self-esteem that permeates all other areas of their lives.   

Stephanie’s consultative and collaborative approach to training is focused on developing the best possible versions of her clients—physically, mentally, and otherwise—through steadfast accountability and keeping their best interests at the forefront of her programming at all times.

Outside Trivergence, Stephanie is an avid reader and yogi.  She can also frequently be found hiking a trail, or taking a stroll downtown with her dog, Ruby.     

Jillian Lain

Jillian grew up in the Chicago area, and moved to Indianapolis to pursue a degree in sociology at the University of Indianapolis. After completing her master’s degree at DePaul University in 2010, she found herself in Portland, OR for work, which is where she discovered and jumped into the practice of yoga. 


Jillian committed to yoga at a time when she was struggling to manage her anxiety and stress. She found that yoga was the most successful management tool she could find, and quickly knew this was something she needed to continue to incorporate into her life. Over the years, her practice has progressed and become more advanced over time. She has found herself loving the physical practice of a rigorous, hot, vinyasa class, just as much as she loves the benefits of the pranayama and meditation, which lead her to yoga in the first place.


Jillian received her 200 hour yoga training at Practice Indie under the guidance of Shannon Brasovan, Purvi Lippincott, and Nicole DeYoung in the Spring of 2019. Jillian creates a space in her classes that allows for individuality, options for growth and trying new things, while challenging students to think about ways they can be their best selves in their own communities (it’s the sociologist in her!).


Jillian is the spouse to Nick, who supports and humors the many projects she takes on in the community, and every wild travel idea she comes up with! She is also has two cutie pittie pups, Nickel and Elenor, who complete the Lain household, and offer everyone their unlimited kisses and cuddles.

Stephanie Schroeder

Stephanie has been a teacher for 15 years, beginning in 2004 as a high school Spanish teacher, and now as an Associate Professor at University and a teacher of yoga Asana and Philosophy in Indianapolis.

Stephanie began yoga in 2008 as a physical practice when she was a stay-at-home mom with 3 girls under the age of 3; Stephanie is a very devoted and loving mother.  She has raised her three girls by herself, and has the best relationship with them. 

In 2012, after the tragic loss of the girls’ father to suicide, Stephanie began a spiritual quest to learn more about herself and the world around her, and finding the process for navigating hers and her daughters’ grief. 

In 2016 and 2017 Stephanie ramped up her yoga game, diving deeper into the physical practice and discovering there were more layers to unwrap.  In 2018, she joined the Yoga Teacher Training program at Practice Indie to begin her journey to find balance between the physical and spiritual.  


After graduating from the program, Stephanie began to teach yoga part time.  She even began to offer donation-yoga classes to help raise money for the AFSP (American Foundation of Suicide Prevention), including a yoga donation-series in IndyParks and has had a walk team and a booth at the Out of Darkness Walk in September in Indianapolis (2018 2019).

Yoga has served as a catalyst for Stephanie, but not as she had intended when she set out to practice more deeply the layers of yoga.  She has rediscovered herself, has found contentment, and more importantly the tools needed to regulate moments of strain and pain.  Yoga has helped by bringing the present moment back into perspective.

In 2018, Stephanie took her last, to date, drink of alcohol to solidify her process and journey back to herself.  She has been sober for a little of a year, and it is not an easy journey, and she is not sure if it will get any easier, but she has yoga to bring her back to what is important right here and now. 

Stephanie will show up.  She shows up for herself, her children, her students, her clients, and for human-kind, animals and nature.  She has a deep connection to nature and you will often find her drawing on themes of nature and the connection to the cycles of nature in her yoga classes.  She will be delighted to see you, work with you, encourage you and be sure you are safe. 


Stephanie loves people and to provide them experiences that will lead them back to their inner light and highest good.

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