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A FREE 10 Day Challenge helping you take a break from drinking alcohol.

Quarantine has proven to be a time of excessive drinking and you may be feeling it in your body.  Have you said to yourself "maybe I should cut back on alcohol?" This challenge is for you!  Join a group of other women with the same goal and have the support you need to get through a rough time.

This is a 10 day challenge that is meant to jumpstart your health.  Consistency is the name of the game and if you can stay consistent for 10 days, you will get results!

Results may include more self confidence, better sleep, better eating habits, fat loss, more immunity, more focus, more energy.  

In order to complete the challenge, you must commit to staying alcohol free for 10 days.

I'll provide tips and homework via email and in a private facebook group. 
The homework will be able to be completed in 30 minutes or less. 

It took a long time of me saying “I need to drink less” before I actually pulled the trigger and stopped. Months of drinking too much and feeling crappy the next day, years of drinking to “soothe” my moods when I was upset about something.

At one point, a glass of wine was a very natural habit when I would get home from work.

I knew I needed to eliminate it completely to disrupt my habit cycle, so I decided to cut it out. I went 96 days before having a glass of wine and it felt amazing!
I feel so much better, mentally, physically and financially.💰 💵 It all adds up!

I’ve always been against an “all or nothing” mindset for myself, and when I started craving that glass on day 96, I knew if I deprived myself it would eventually backfire. I had one glass of wine that night, enjoyed it, and moved on. The long break helped me remove the trigger and form a new habit cycle. It also helped me experience the amazing benefits of avoiding it. Better sleep, less overeating, better hydration, less sinus issues, & my workouts feel better, just to name a few things.

Have you been indulging way too much over quarantine?

Did you know that alcohol can increase anxiety and disrupt quality sleep?

Are you ready to give your immune system a big boost right when we need it the most?

I am leading a 10 day challenge and it’s completely free! Grab a friend and do it together!

disclamer: I am not claiming to be a addictions counselor or anything of the such, I am just sharing what I have found to help myself and several of my coaching clients.  If you are struggling with addiction, please reach out to a certifiied addictions professional.

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