10 Small Group Sessions for $100

Sessions are valid for any class on the group schedule.

Valid for 60 days.


Trivergence Training is a private studio, welcoming to everyone and a non-intimidating atmosphere. We can cater to any fitness level and we love helping people just getting started or re-starting.  We encourage progress with a body positive approach.


We are looking for clients who are ready to start a sustainable plan, centered around consistency, effort and personal responsibility.  Clients need to be ready to commit to 30 minute sessions, twice per week minimum.  Are you ready to see results by showing up & pushing hard while still having fun?  Are you ready to feel your energy and excitement increase?

The sessions range from 30-60 minutes. They will get your heart and endorphins pumping, but they are doable and tailored for you! There are strength, hiit cardio, cycle, TRX, & yoga classes during the week. All are included in this deal!

The studio is located at 4949 East 23rd Street. (There is a shower there too if you need to go straight to work.) Groups are small and usually the same people.  It's like having a bunch of workout buddies! All of the sessions are taught by Certified Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors who get to know your strengths, challenges and personalize the exercises whenever needed!

If you’re ready to feel strong, improve confidence and have more energy, let's chat!  
Consults are free and can be done in person, over the phone or over video chat.

Limited spots are currently open.


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