Training Philosophy:

 Our Training Philosophy is that movement, wellness and mindset all work together. Pushing your physical boundaries and accomplishing goals not only builds strength for the body but makes the mind strong as well.  Our passion is helping clients get strong, feel empowered, and to  establish better daily habits. 

Fitness Classes

These classes have up to 12 people per session.

Drop in Session-  $15.00 (Expire in 6 months)

Package of 10 sessions for $125 (90 day expiration)

Hiit Cardio-  This is a 30 minute interval cardio based class.  Quick, effective and fun- perfect for a busy schedule. Improve endurance, burn fat and have fun with different drills each session. 

Yoga- Suitable for all levels,  this class focuses on connecting breath with movement and working on strength and flexibility through poses. (60 minute classes)

Cycle- This fun 45 minute ride may include climbs, sprints, HIIT, jumps.  Using the beat of the music you will build cardio endurance and stamina.

MetCon- This metabolic conditioning class focuses on utilizing compound and full body movements mixed with fast based cardio moves. This class is best suited for bodies without medical restrictions. This class is no more than 45 minutes long, including warm up and cool down.


TRX Fusion- A full body workout using bodyweight and the TRX Suspension Trainer.  This class is 30 minutes long and great for all fitness levels.


Strength Club 60 

Small Group Training Sessions are limited to 12 participants each session.

Drop in Session- $25 (Expire in 12 months)

5 Sessions-$100 (90 day expiration)

10 sessions- $175 (90 day expiration)

20 sessions- $300 (90 day expiration)

6 Month Contract Unlimited- $160/month
Clients can come to any class on the schedule. This is a 6 month commitment and the draft can be set up for any day of the month.

Late cancellation fees apply.


Strength Club 60- has a primary focus on weight lifting.  Participants track their weights lifted for continual progress. This class focuses on weight training and core work and has a limited amount of cardio. Suitable for any fitness level.

All fitness classes and small group sessions require a 12 hour cancellation notice.  Expiration dates start from date of first visit in package.  

One on One Training
Options of 30 or 60 minute sessions based on your goals and needs. 

30 Minute Sessions- $35 (Expire in 6 months)

Monthly Commitment Discount Package- 

8 sessions- $240/month (Expire in 30 days)

60 Minute Sessions- $65 (Expire in 6 months)

Monthly Commitment Discount Package-

8 sessions- $440/month (Expire in 30 days)

All One on One sessions require a 24 hour cancellation notice.


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